Parents of Young Children:

Prepare your young ones for more success in life than you ever thought possible — teach them to play piano!

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Do you dream of your child growing up to be a straight-A student? A star athlete? A business leader?
Then make sure they learn how to play music as early as possible — even as young as 3 years old!
Research has shown that children who learn music at an early age have a greater likelihood of success in anything they may choose to pursue as they grow up — because the ability to play music contributes to enhanced academic comprehension, physical dexterity, social skills, and self-esteem.

Experts agree: the best instrument to start with is piano, and the best way to learn piano is the Pianokids™ method!

What is Pianokids?

The Pianokids method is a revolutionary piano instruction program designed specifically for children between 3 and 5 years old. It was created over 27 years ago by Angela Grace, a life-long piano teacher who realized early in her career the benefits of starting children as young as possible.

A non-traditional, age-appropriate approach, the Pianokids method relates the keys on the piano to numbers and colors – making the piano easy to learn and fun to play. Pianokids lessons are engaging for young children, which helps them progress naturally from simple to more advanced concepts.  Related games and fun activities are included to entertain children off the piano, keeping interest high while reinforcing the exercises learned on the piano. Sticker charts and prizes are awarded throughout the Pianokids program to keep children motivated as they achieve frequent successes through the curriculum.

The program is taught in the comforts of home, using our piano books and other materials, while parents and children use our online Piano Studio and Virtual Piano Teacher to receive additional instruction, practice tips, play games, listen to selections by famous composers and much more. has enabled us to grow from teaching locally to sharing this unique program to reach as many families as possible around the globe.

Students In Our Beta Program

A select group of dedicated parents and children are helping us put the finishing touches on the Pianokids program.

Beta Test Student

Over the last 27 years, more than 1,000 young children have learned piano using the Pianokids program. Most advance from one-handed five finger songs to playing with two hands in recitals in just four short months — to the amazement of their parents, family, and friends!

Listen to one former student:

When I was five, and started kindergarten, I realized that no one else learned how to read music first. I learned how to read music first — it was the first language I that learned how to read. And then I learned English, writing, and all that later…
Jessica Dunlap

Why Pianokids?

Why should you care that Pianokids lessons can teach your child starting at 3 years old?  We could go on and on about the great benefits that music has for us all, how it stirs the soul and much more, but why start a child so young?

Until now, parents have been told to wait until their child can read, or when their fingers were more developed, suggesting that around 6 yrs of age is an appropriate time to start applied piano lessons.  Yet neuroscientist today tell us how the important relationship between practicing music and cognitive development is most effective before age 7.  Why? Because music increases the pathways and connections in a child’s developing brain, which allows it to function far more efficiently like no other single activity. And when started early enough, has a lasting effect for the rest of our lives.

The Pianokids method is one of few, if any, age appropriate piano programs with a proven track record of teaching children, starting at age 3 (with some of our students starting as early as 2 years 10 months), to develop their musical aptitude, or the ability to be successful with music.  This progressive success brings about the physical, social and academic benefits that is crucial for overall development.

Understanding the important developmental benefits that music produces for your child, and knowing that there is a proven piano method to start their musical adventure, what more could parents want for their young child?

Another former student praises the Pianokids method:

When I was five years old, my mother had tried to put me in T-ball, and soccer, and all the other things mothers try to put their kids in. I was really not interested in that at all… I took lessons with Angela and Pianokids through my junior year in high school.
Matt Dailey

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