How it Works

In a nutshell, the Pianokids™ program teaches you, the parent, guardian or other dedicated adult, to teach your child piano.

We provide all the lessons, materials, activities and support you need to take your child from not knowing what a piano is to playing more than a dozen songs with two hands!

The Pianokids method was designed specifically for young children, and our primary goal in creating this online program is to replicate the experience of learning piano with a private tutor, where you are the instructor.

As an added benefit, if you don’t already play, you will learn side-by-side with your child, as you go through the lessons and activities together as a team!

Over a thousand young children have been taught with this curriculum, therefore a lot of experience will be shared about overcoming frustrations among other things that have helped parents makes this a fun piano adventure.

Please keep in mind that the Pianokids method is an applied piano learning program, where success is achieved only with active parent or guardian support.

You’ve Got Mail!

Shortly after enrolling in our program, your child will receive a package in the mail. We hope you will treat this like the special event it is, and let your child open the box as if it were a birthday gift.

The package will contain our Pianokids Piano Bag, and everything you need to complete the Pianokids program, and make learning piano fun for your child.

This website is the final piece of the puzzle that will ensure an optimal experience for you and your child.

Your Pianokids Club Membership will give you access to a number of useful tools and additional resources. Log in you will find:

  1. Ms. Erin’s Piano Studio
  2. Interactive Pianokids Lesson Book
  3. A Virtual Teacher to offer helpful hints for each lesson in the curriculum.
  4. A Piano Library of music your child will love to listen and dance to! As they do so, they will internalize some of the more well-known works from our most famous composers. Popular music from contemporary artists will also be included.

Practice, practice, practice!

The Pianokids program works! Your child will be playing piano with two hands before you know it, and in just four months, will be able to play songs everybody loves to sing along with, such as “Three Blind Mice” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat!”

But the program works only with your active and consistent participation. You need to commit to help your child at least four days per week, for a minimum of 20 minutes per session. This includes ON- and OFF-piano activities, because we all know that young children rarely sit still for 20 minutes at a time.

Join our waiting list today so you can be among the first to know is ready to launch. And let’s prepare your child for a lifetime of musical tomorrows!