Our Curriculum

The Pianokids™ curriculum includes a Lesson Book, a Funtivity Book, Flashcards and more, all to be used in conjunction with Pianokids.com. Here’s everything included:

1) Lesson Booklesson-book

The Pianokids Lesson Book is the heart of the program. It details the unique Pianokids approach, which makes learning to play the piano truly fun!

Using colors and numbers to aid memorization, children begin to associate their fingers with certain piano keys. As they go through the included exercises, they learn to associate the keys with the sounds they make.

When they put the sounds together, it makes music!

It also explains the underlying concepts to you — so you can be the teacher!

2) “Funtivity” Bookfuntivity-book

The Funtivity Book is an activity book that’s fun! This  one-of-a-kind booklet is chock full of fun activities that entertain while they teach!

Most pages or page spreads in the Lesson Book described above correspond directly to activities in the Funtivity Book.  There are stories to read, things to trace, draw, and color, all relating to the Lesson Book songs.

As children go through the funtivities, the lessons learned at the piano become almost impossible to forget!

The activities are never without a purpose. Coloring teaches the colors themselves, for example, while helping tie each color to a number, a finger, and a key on the keyboard.

3) Flashcardsflash-cards

Flashcards are a fun way to reinforce each lesson learned. The Lesson Book will tell you when and how to use the flashcards with your child to help review the concepts taught in the Lesson Book.

4) Markers and Crayons in a fabric pouchMarker Pouch

We include a custom-made pouch containing five markers and five crayons in the Pianokids colors to ensure you have the exact colors you need for the lessons. Don’t worry, the markers are washable — and they smell good too!

5) Squeeze ballSqueeze Ball

Playing piano is a physical activity, so a squeeze ball is included to help strengthen your child’s fingers. Naturally, it comes in the same basic colors taught in the lessons.

6) Calendar/Sticker Bookletpractice-log

What kid doesn’t love stickers? Encourage your child to practice by letting them place stickers on the calendar for every day they practice. Seeing the stickers add up as the practice days go by becomes a great motivator to continue practicing. It also teaches responsibility and accountability (but it’s OK if you want to keep that to yourself!)

7) Lesson plans

Twenty-four lesson plans are provided that coordinate all the materials, so you never have to worry what your child should be focusing on. Plenty of ideas are included that keep the learning fun, which should be a part of every child’s introduction to music lessons.

8) Pianokids.comlesson-plan

The private members area on this site provides all the teaching support you need to help your child learn the concepts taught in the program. It also provides interactive activities for students to enjoy, which support and reinforce what they are learning with you at home.

Song List

Here is a sampling of the songs children will learn to play in the first few months of Pianokids lessons:

  • I Can Play Piano Very Well
  • Roll the Ball
  • Summer Time
  • Rain, Rain
  • My Song
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Flying Fingers
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Eensie Weensie Spider