Kilby learned a lot in lesson one! She’s the one reminding me about doing the lessons, so I’d say they are a huge success!
— Anna Inabinet, Chicago, IL

Everything is going great. I really love your program!! You understand they need to move around and do different activities, repeat things over and over, and to have fun! Andrew (4) is able to do everything asked of him, and learned his first song no problem. James (3) has a bit more trouble because of fine motor problems, but is improving! It’s easy to modify things for him. Andrew is so proud of himself for learning his song and is playing it for everyone.
— Rebecca Troncoso, Pleasanton, CA

Aryana (4) LOVES when it’s Pianokids time! She has never yet complained about it in any form and is eager to always do more. What a great program! It is so fun for me to do these lessons with her.
— Hayley Brown, Provo UT

Hollis is enjoying piano kids so much. We have been on a roll because she wakes up excited for another piano lesson. The prizes help but she’s also so happy now that she’s executed a couple of songs. Throughout a given day I’ll hear her go back to the piano and play her songs. She proudly displays her piano hand with the “trouble clef” (Treble Clef - working on that pronunciation) to her siblings. Thanks for everything!
— Marlyse Keeton, Chesapeake Beach ,MD