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The Pianokids Creator

Pianokids is the brainchild of Angela Grace. Ms. Angela, as she is known to her students, has taught piano for 35 years to students from ages three to 73. Her love of singing and playing piano started when she was eight years old. She took traditional piano lessons, performed in classical recitals, and eventually served in several music responsibilities in the church.

Her academic studies and early career interests were in Public Relations, Sales, and Marketing while continuing to maintain a small piano studio. It wasn’t long before her interests merged when she was asked to create a marketing campaign for a world-renowned piano company.


Pianokids Lesson Book

A Totally

New Approach

In 1989, Ms. Angela was invited to participate in the creation of a national piano program for preschoolers. After several years of collaborating and developing, she created Piano Kids, Inc. in her local area in 1994. 

With her “outside the box” approach to teaching children piano from ages three to five, rather than waiting until they could read, she expertly utilized age-appropriate concepts to nurture their musical skills during these crucial developmental years. She maintained a private studio and a preschool program with approximately 300 students per year in daycares and afterschool programs in the NW FL area for many years.

In 2010, Ms. Angela finally began to answer the requests of parents with young children living outside her area. She started developing so families everywhere could enjoy introducing the piano to their preschool-age children.  

She designed and conducted a Beta test with families nationwide to test her Pianokids Preschool Piano Program with concepts she had been teaching for almost 30 years. It was an overwhelming success and gave her the confidence that parents would be interested and consistent in helping their children learn to play piano with the support her online program provided.

The online Pianokids piano practice program launched in August 2020. The fruition of many years of work, this project began long ago with Ms. Angela and her late father, Stanley Bills. Drawing and composing material together to create the first books, Angela and Stanley built the foundation of the curriculum that families everywhere will now enjoy.


Pianokids Lesson Book

The Original

The Original Piano Kids

Married to her high school sweetheart, Ms. Angela is the proud mother of Erica, Evan, and Erin. You will recognize those names in the Pianokids lesson books, as her family was used as the inspiration for the cartoon characters. 

Realizing the potential of her program, Ms Angela started teaching her children the curriculum as they each reached three years old. They continued playing piano as well as other instruments.

Both of Ms Angela’s daughters taught in her studio, where Erin continues to be the Virtual Piano Studio instructor for Pianokids.

A Little More

About Pianokids

Convenient and Flexible

You can set your own “piano time” according to your personal schedule, and your child’s individual routine.

As a busy parent, it’s not always easy to coordinate a 2-hour time slot with your own availability, and then get everyone loaded up into the car for a weekly on-site piano lesson. With Pianokids, you choose the days and times that’s best for you and your child. Are they feeling tired or uninterested one day? No need for frustration and force, just adjust things according to your situation.

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Why Pianokids

Pianokids makes for a happy learning experience.

Our method makes learning easy and fun, and can enable a child to play the piano even before they learn to read. We’ve adapted traditional keyboard teaching methods to fit the needs of younger kids, with shorter lessons for their limited attention span, along with games and activities in an online Piano Studio to make practicing more like play time.

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The Benefits

Research has shown that learning to play an instrument does amazing stuff for developing brains: it improves both IQ and verbal memory. Mathematical ability in particular is impacted.

How so? Playing music creates novel connections between different parts of the brain and engages multiple parts of our grey matter at the same time, thus making our brains more powerful. For example, playing the piano involves using the eyes and each hand with ten fingers to carry out related but separate tasks simultaneously.

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It's Interactive!

Your young student will have access to our treasure trove of keyboard games to keep them motivated and loving the ivories! Making learning enjoyable is the key for this age group.

Our approach is both structured and entertaining to keep them making progress and earning fun rewards, along with instilling a positive relationship to music study.

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